A melancholic coming-of-middle-age story about the things not said. Ana and Marta spend the night together in a weekend house before Ana’s wedding day. After an unexpected drunken kiss, the girls have to face that their friendship is inevitably reaching a turning point.

directed by Dina duma
produced by marija dimitrova
sound design by Sashko potter Micevski

AWARDS: Golden Eye (Bulgaria) 2018 - Best Cinematography
Festivals: Festival du nouveau cinéma - Montreal (Canada) 2018, International cinematographers' film festival Manaki Brothers (Macedonia) 2018, Timishort (Romania) 2018, Golden Eye (Bulgaria) 2018, Fastnet Film Festival (Ireland) 2019, FEST - New Directors/New Films Festival (Portugal) 2019, Lago Film Festival (Italy) 2019

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